Consulting Children

We believe that consultation with children in relationship with their learning is important because;

  • It creates a closer match between the child and the curriculum it is experiencing.
  • It builds self-esteem and positive attitudes when the learner is involved in the decision making.
  • It increases intrinsic motivation that stays with a child throughout life.
  • Children have a right to be treated with respect. As individuals, we can show respect by valuing their thoughts and opinions. (Claire Warden 2006)

The Role of the Educator

Children will tell you what they think if they;

  • feel valued
  • are given time
  • know that you will accept their thinking without judgement
  • can communicate in the best way for them
  • can tell you when they feel the time is right
  • know that you are really interested
  • see you looking at them
  • know that you are listening to them

See their ideas/suggestions actually being used know something about the subject you are questioning them about.