Areas of Learning Embedded in our Program 


  • Basic numeracy
  • Shapes 2D and 3D / size
  • Tessellations / patterns
  • Measurement / timelines
  • Space / volume

Math language will be promoted in all experiences involving a variety of concepts.


  • Magnets
  • Weight, gravity and force /movement
  • Weather

Science concepts will be engaged in through experiments, discussion and literature.

Literacy and Language

  • Prewriting and reading exercises.
  • Expressive and receptive language development through dramatic play scenarios, puppetry, sequence stories, recounts and retelling.
  • Speaking and listening experiences
  • Reading stories, sharing stories making picture books with dictated stories.

Health and Wellbeing

  • Group games that promote social interaction developing collaboration, problem solving and following rules.
  • Games that promote understanding of healthy eating and personal hygiene.

Creative Arts

  • Self-expression of a variety of emotions and ideas.
  • Basic fine motor skill development.