Narooma Preschool is a community preschool meaning it is managed by people of the community, usually parents. The management committee is responsible for the operation of the preschool and makes decisions regarding budgeting, fundraising, yearly events, and planning for the future.

The committee works in close partnership with the Director to ensure the ongoing effectiveness and viability of the centre.

The overall management of the Preschool is governed by the Committee, which comprises a group of parents from the Preschool community who give their time to ensure the Preschool is a wonderful learning environment for both children and staff.

The Committee comprises of the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Three (3) Ordinary Members
  • Fundraising

A brief description of each position is as follows:

President – Head of the Committee and Chairperson of the Committee meetings. The President has the same voting rights as all other Committee members, but has the casting vote in the event of a tied vote. As an executive member, has legal authority to act on behalf of the Preschool.

Treasurer – Manages the Preschool’s finances to ensure the efficient ongoing operation of the Preschool, including budget preparation, income and expenses monitoring and co-ordination of the annual audit. The Preschool has a part time Administration Assistant on staff who manages the finances on a daily basis, such as paying bills and collecting income. As such, the Treasurer’s role is one of general oversee of the finances, not daily operation. As an executive member, the Treasurer has legal authority to act on behalf of the Preschool.

Secretary – Manages the Preschool’s formal correspondence, Register of Committee members and also prepares Minutes of the Committee meetings.

Ordinary Members – There are three (3) Ordinary Members that are actively involved in the Committee, but have no specific duties.

Fundraising – In charge of various fundraising events throughout the year.

Due to licencing regulations stipulated by Department of Education and Communities, all Committee members must undergo background checks including a criminal record and working with children checks. Anyone wishing to join the Committee will be required to agree to the checks and complete the necessary screening forms.

The Committee may at times be required to assess and adjudicate on sensitive and private issues involving the Preschool families. As such, confidentiality is a key requirement of Committee membership and must be strictly maintained at all times. Due to this confidentiality requirement, parents that are not committee members are generally not permitted to attend Committee meetings.