Name and position: Kathy Phipps- Teaching Director and Nominated Supervisor
Qualification: Masters in Education

Name and position: Amanda Spooner – Educator
Qualification: Diploma of Children’s Services

Name and position: Kellie Winter – Educator
Qualification: Certificate 3

Name and position: Lisa Thompson – Educator
Qualification: Diploma Childrens Services

Name and position: Kirsty Avery – Educator
Qualification: Teacher – Masters of Education (currently transferring to Early Childhood)

Name and position: Kate Heffernan – Educator
Qualification: Diploma in Children’s Services (Release person)

Name and position: Kimberlee Wilson – Educator
Qualification: Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care

Name and position: Emily Meredith – Children Service’s Support Worker

Name and position: Jenny Owens-Roberts – Administrative Assistant

Name and position: Roger Smyth – Maintenance

Name and position: Aliesha Morris – Children’s Services Support Worker & Cleaner